Exiting Robin Williams Rainbow Tunnel

Wood Line by Andy Goldsworthy

Sutro Baths and Point Lobos

Beach art by Andres Amador

I appreciate that seagull in its iconic pose.

Bison in Golden Gate Park

Did you know the adult bison in the paddock are all female?!

Ocean Beach tidepool
South on 47th and Lawton
Fort Funston

Bat Star at Pillar Point aka Mavericks

Pescadero Beach

Check out the gas station tacos and artichoke bread in town, and hope to catch the bald eagle on the Sequoia Audubon Trail through the marsh.

Humpback whales lunge feeding by Moss Landing

Pro-tip for the seasick-prone: you’ll honestly be better off sitting outside in the fresh air than cooped up inside.

Hawk soaring over poppies somewhere along the PCH

I once glimpsed a condor while hiking in Big Sur – one of my kids and I heard the slow, deep, prehistoric-sounding thump of its tremendous wings beating before looking up in time to see it flying away!